Wednesday, May 25, 2011

and Finally - Number 1 - Breakfast, of course!

I know you have all been waiting for the number 1 reason to stay at our B&B versus the big box hotels and that reason is BREAKFAST. Amy and Mark really outdo themselves, not just the food which is great, but the experience of breakfast. Sitting down at a table set with a white table cloth and cloth napkins, relaxing and treating yourself to something that does not happen in your everyday life. The experience really begins as the smell of our locally roasted coffee from Carpe Diem wafts up to your room. Coffee is ready in the dining room at 7:00 a.m. for all those guests who need that morning jolt or who want to get a cup and curl back up in bed for awhile. Since guests have picked their dining time, Amy and Mark prepare each breakfast to order. Not like at the large hotels where the eggs have been sitting in a warming dish for an hour! But before you even think of your hot entree, treat yourself to the buffet set up and ready for you in the dining room. Organic yogurt, our own granola made here at the Packard House, fresh fruit and the morning's baked good. Yes, we bake everything in house. Muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, bagels, our famous Blueberry Gateau
and all the bread used with the breakfasts are baked right here - usually first thing in the morning! So add these wonderful smells to the coffee and you know even before you come down the stairs you are in for a treat. Now you are seated, have made your selections from the buffet and Mark appears to offer you a choice of 5 different juices to go with your breakfast. While you relax and look at the morning headlines or talk with other guests, Amy and Mark are busy in the kitchen cooking up the morning's entree.
These vary widely from French Toast made with our homemade cinnamon bread to crepes with strawberries and cream or maybe a savory filling of spinach, ricotta, mushrooms and a little feta cheese. Or how about our Poached on Toast with grilled homemade English Muffin Break topped with grilled ham, poached eggs, a little cheddar cheese and fresh herbs from our garden. We try very hard not to serve guests the same thing twice when they make their return visits but sometimes they loved it so much they make a request.
These are our top 5 reasons to stay at a bed and breakfast, especially our B&B, what are some of yours?

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My Favorite Kitchen Spot

My Favorite Kitchen Spot
I love laying right here in the kitchen - this is the old floor that is going to be replaced soon.

Our Journey to Bath

Before Amy and Mark ever even thought about making me a part of their family, they were thinking about being innkeepers. About a year and a half after they adopted me, they left me in Erie, PA and took a trip to explore possible towns in New England to open their new business. While I patiently waited at home with a dog sitter, they journeyed to Bath ME, their first stop on the trip. It was December of 2004 so it was cold and raining in Maine but they fell in love with the town and the people they met. Driving to the next town in New Hampshire in a snow storm, they knew in their hearts that Bath was going to be our new home. They went ahead and looked at the other places as planned, but Bath was it. In February of 2005, they left me once again to look at a house on the market in Bath. It had been a B&B but had gone to a private home for the past couple years. Well, lucky us, they loved the house and put in a bid. It was so exciting when the realtor called us in Erie to say the Benjamin F. Packard House was ours! Things started moving quickly then. Packing up the house in Erie, making long distance arrangements for licenses, sprinkler systems and all the things that go with opening a new business. On May 14th, they packed the car and this time took me along too. We closed on the house on May 16th and in six hectic weeks, opened the new Benjamin F. Packard House B&B! My life as a bed and breakfast dog had begun.

Relax on my private patio

Come and enjoy a fabulous gourmet breakfast in my diningroom

Cozy up to warm fire with my complimentary afternoon tea

Enjoy the morning paper along with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in our parlor