Friday, December 30, 2011

Mr. January 2012

Normally when I write this blog I like to highlight all that is going on at the B&B and all the wonderful stuff that Amy and Mark are doing, but today's entry is a little different. I am proud and pleased to announce that I have earned this year's title of "Mr. January" in the official Bergamasco calendar! I was so excited when I found out. Amy and I kept it a secret from Mark and suprised him with a copy of the calendar for one of his Christmas gifts. I think it was his favorite gift! The calendar is put out by the BSCA (Bergamasco Sheepdog Club of America) and proceeds go the the BSCA rescue fund. This picture of me is the one that made the calendar.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I met Santa!

Today Santa made a special visit to our local pet supply store, Wags n Whiskers, to meet and greet the local canine population. (Yes, cats were welcome too but I really don't like to give them attention.) I was one of the first through the door to have my picture taken with the big guy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decorating - It's Finally Done!

I didn't think Amy and Mark would ever get done with all the Christmas decorating this year. Yes, they started earlier than in years past but it took them until today to finally be finished. Although the wait is worth it - the B&B looks great! Lots of lights and greenery both inside and outside to welcome guests. There are 9 trees downstairs and each of the common rooms' tree has a theme. The parlor is all done in white and silver with a little blue in some of the ornaments.
The dining room with its deep cranberry walls looks stunning all done up in gold and green. The gathering room and library are a bit more informal with a Santa tree
and a grouping of three snow trees. Little touches abound with Amy using some of her antique serving dishes to hold shiny ornaments or an old pottery bowl with red and gold marbles adorning the coffee table. They even put three smaller trees in the kitchen bay window so I can enjoy them while I have my breakfast in the morning. Now if we would only get a little snow the season would be complete.
If you want to see more pictues, go to our Facebook page and look at our Christmas 2011 album.

My Favorite Kitchen Spot

My Favorite Kitchen Spot
I love laying right here in the kitchen - this is the old floor that is going to be replaced soon.

Our Journey to Bath

Before Amy and Mark ever even thought about making me a part of their family, they were thinking about being innkeepers. About a year and a half after they adopted me, they left me in Erie, PA and took a trip to explore possible towns in New England to open their new business. While I patiently waited at home with a dog sitter, they journeyed to Bath ME, their first stop on the trip. It was December of 2004 so it was cold and raining in Maine but they fell in love with the town and the people they met. Driving to the next town in New Hampshire in a snow storm, they knew in their hearts that Bath was going to be our new home. They went ahead and looked at the other places as planned, but Bath was it. In February of 2005, they left me once again to look at a house on the market in Bath. It had been a B&B but had gone to a private home for the past couple years. Well, lucky us, they loved the house and put in a bid. It was so exciting when the realtor called us in Erie to say the Benjamin F. Packard House was ours! Things started moving quickly then. Packing up the house in Erie, making long distance arrangements for licenses, sprinkler systems and all the things that go with opening a new business. On May 14th, they packed the car and this time took me along too. We closed on the house on May 16th and in six hectic weeks, opened the new Benjamin F. Packard House B&B! My life as a bed and breakfast dog had begun.

Relax on my private patio

Come and enjoy a fabulous gourmet breakfast in my diningroom

Cozy up to warm fire with my complimentary afternoon tea

Enjoy the morning paper along with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in our parlor