Saturday, April 30, 2011

Number 4

Here I am, back already with the Number 4 Reason to stay at a Bed and Breakfast (particularly our B&B) - You get to stay in a Historic Home! Many B&B's are located in historic homes and ours also has the added feature of being located in Bath's Historic District. Experience the charm of our antique house with hardwood floors, a beautiful staircase that takes you to the second floor, original windows and unique woodwork. No cookie cutter rooms where everything looks the same - each is unique and has charms all their own. For example, the Gathering Room (one of the common areas where guests can kick back and relax) features a large working fireplace that used to serve as the kitchen cooking area back in the day. Amy and Mark can also tell you a bit about the Packard family who built the house and their descendents lived here until 1985. In addition, being in the Historic District gives the added benefit of being able to walk the neighborhood and look at all the great historic architecture. We even have maps and a podcast available so you can take a guided tour of the area. Lastly, despite being only a short walk to the downtown, we are on a nice, quiet street so whether you are sitting on the patio in the afternoon or sleeping in your comfortable bed you can truly relax and escape.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Choose a B&B?

People out in the world who meet Amy and Mark often ask them "Why stay at a B&B? We always stay at hotels." We think there are a lot of reasons to choose a B&B over the large chain hotels but decided to give you the top 5 reasons.

Number 5 - Originality - We are unlike any other. From our individualized guest rooms (each with its own unique decor) to comfy common rooms you can stretch out in and truly relax to our antique house itself you quickly realize you are not in a big box chain hotel. The decorations are antique and one of a kind. Artwork in the common areas and guest rooms is original (see photos) and photographs reflect the history of the house. And I am a true original! Many B&B's have dogs on the premises but we don't know of another that has an Italian Bergamasco sheepdog as their official greeter and blogger.

Want to know the rest of the top 5? Well, stay tune to the next couple blogs to find out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You asked, We answered

A lot of people ask what we do in the off season and when we do not have guests. I would like to say Mark and Amy kick back and relax but that is not the case. Take today for example, after running errands down in Portland to stock up on supplies for the upcoming busy season, Mark spent part of the day putting up the shutters that they painted over the weekend while Amy continued to clean out the winter debris from the garden. She also planted some pansies in the urns on the front steps. Then they spent time building up the rocks along the front driveway garden to help prevent dirt running off when it rains hard. I have included some pictures of them hard at work and the fruits of their labors and, of course, a pic of me doing what I do best - supervising!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tanks A Lot!

Once again I am writing about gas prices and how they affect your vacation plans. Now in a previous blog I taught you all about the math and hopefully you learned that the rising prices really do not add that much more to your vacation budget. But just in case I haven't swayed you yet, I have talked Mark and Amy into running a Tanks A Lot special for guests who stay with us. This special offer gives you a $10 gas card when you stay one night, a $20 gas card with a two night stay, $30 with three nights and I guess you can do the math from there! It is just a way for all three of us to say thanks for choosing us and we appreciate your business. Please remember that you must mention this special when you book your room and it is not good with any other offers or discounts. So I am standing by to greet you when you arrive and will have your gas card waiting!

My Favorite Kitchen Spot

My Favorite Kitchen Spot
I love laying right here in the kitchen - this is the old floor that is going to be replaced soon.

Our Journey to Bath

Before Amy and Mark ever even thought about making me a part of their family, they were thinking about being innkeepers. About a year and a half after they adopted me, they left me in Erie, PA and took a trip to explore possible towns in New England to open their new business. While I patiently waited at home with a dog sitter, they journeyed to Bath ME, their first stop on the trip. It was December of 2004 so it was cold and raining in Maine but they fell in love with the town and the people they met. Driving to the next town in New Hampshire in a snow storm, they knew in their hearts that Bath was going to be our new home. They went ahead and looked at the other places as planned, but Bath was it. In February of 2005, they left me once again to look at a house on the market in Bath. It had been a B&B but had gone to a private home for the past couple years. Well, lucky us, they loved the house and put in a bid. It was so exciting when the realtor called us in Erie to say the Benjamin F. Packard House was ours! Things started moving quickly then. Packing up the house in Erie, making long distance arrangements for licenses, sprinkler systems and all the things that go with opening a new business. On May 14th, they packed the car and this time took me along too. We closed on the house on May 16th and in six hectic weeks, opened the new Benjamin F. Packard House B&B! My life as a bed and breakfast dog had begun.

Relax on my private patio

Come and enjoy a fabulous gourmet breakfast in my diningroom

Cozy up to warm fire with my complimentary afternoon tea

Enjoy the morning paper along with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in our parlor