Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Winning Recipe

Last month, the Benjamin F. Packard House B&B sponsored the Dreamland Theater movies here in Bath. At each of the two movies shown, there was a drawing to win one of our famous baked goods. The first winner has yet the claim his prize, but the couple who won at the second movie are picking up their winnings today. Each winner gets to pick from a choice of three baked goods. Being that the second couple is vegan, Amy needed to make some adjustments to the choices to meet their dietary needs but she found three good recipes and they chose the Pumpkin Pecan Braided Bread. It turned out wonderful and the house smells of toasted pecans and cinnamon. Luckily, it is a big recipe and makes two loaves so hopefully there will be some leftovers for my breakfast tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Traditions

Mark, Amy and I are far away from family (it is a 11 hour drive) but they like to keep the family traditions alive especially at the holidays. Just the other night they went into downtown Bath for open house night and looked at all the wonderful lights and decorated shop windows then out for pizza at The Cabin. When Amy was a little girl, her whole family would go look at the store windows in downtown Erie, PA and then for pizza at Luigi's. This year they created a Maine version of that family tradition. Another yearly event is how Amy, Mark and I spend Christmas Day. Even when we lived in PA, Christmas Day was for the 3 of us. We stay in our pajamas all day (if guests are here they do dress to serve breakfast and then get back in the pj's for the rest of the day) and watch old holiday movies. Christmas dinner is always special (lamb this year!) and they always make sure I get a little. The one big tradition that Amy learned when she was just a little tyke is giving back during the holiday season. Whether it is sponsoring a family in need with gifts for Christmas morning (something her family back in PA still does every year), dropping toys in Santa's bag in Bath or, this year, baking cookies to bag up and distribute at a local food pantry, it brings them such joy to give to others. Now I just need to think of another way to give back besides barking a Merry Christmas at everyone who walks by the house!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Decorating

The Christmas decorating is all done. Amy put the finishing touches on it this morning and from my perspective it looks great. We have 4 trees downstairs, one in each of the common rooms and each have their own theme; green and gold in the dining room, silver and white in the parlor, Santa in the gathering room and snowmen in the library. There are lots of little touches too, things Amy and Mark have collected over the years - it definitely is very festive. Add the warm, crackling fire in the fireplace, some Christmas carols and settle in for the season. Now Amy is working on decorations for Sagadahoc Preservations Solstice Celebration on the 18th. In keeping with Solstice traditions, she is doing a very natural theme in silver and white to reflect the colors of winter. There will be white lights and silver stars in the "sky", swags with "snowballs", large displays of greens and birds nest symbolizing new life as the centerpieces on the cocktail tables. From what I hear, this is always a fun party and gives people a break from all the holiday rush. Unfortunately, no dogs allowed but maybe someday that will change. Until then, I will enjoy the decorations at home while I curl up in front of this fire.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Pet Store in Town

Downtown Bath is always fun to visit when Amy and Mark take me for a walk. I get to look in all the store windows but rarely do I get to go in. Once in a while they take me in the bank or the library but only if it is going to be quick. I get a bit excited with all the attention and these places allow well behaved dogs only. But now things are different. There is a store downtown just for me - Wags and Whiskers! We walked down on Sunday so I could check it out. Unfortunately we missed the visit and pictures with Santa but I did buy myself (okay, I had to borrow money from Amy) a cool ball to play with. I posted a picture of me at the store so you can see how happy I am. They have all sorts of great stuff and I saw those chicken treats that I get once in a while at home so I am thinking they have been shopping at Wags and Whiskers without me. Anyway, when you're in Bath, check it out. It is a great place to buy your best friend a suprise for when you get back home.

My Favorite Kitchen Spot

My Favorite Kitchen Spot
I love laying right here in the kitchen - this is the old floor that is going to be replaced soon.

Our Journey to Bath

Before Amy and Mark ever even thought about making me a part of their family, they were thinking about being innkeepers. About a year and a half after they adopted me, they left me in Erie, PA and took a trip to explore possible towns in New England to open their new business. While I patiently waited at home with a dog sitter, they journeyed to Bath ME, their first stop on the trip. It was December of 2004 so it was cold and raining in Maine but they fell in love with the town and the people they met. Driving to the next town in New Hampshire in a snow storm, they knew in their hearts that Bath was going to be our new home. They went ahead and looked at the other places as planned, but Bath was it. In February of 2005, they left me once again to look at a house on the market in Bath. It had been a B&B but had gone to a private home for the past couple years. Well, lucky us, they loved the house and put in a bid. It was so exciting when the realtor called us in Erie to say the Benjamin F. Packard House was ours! Things started moving quickly then. Packing up the house in Erie, making long distance arrangements for licenses, sprinkler systems and all the things that go with opening a new business. On May 14th, they packed the car and this time took me along too. We closed on the house on May 16th and in six hectic weeks, opened the new Benjamin F. Packard House B&B! My life as a bed and breakfast dog had begun.

Relax on my private patio

Come and enjoy a fabulous gourmet breakfast in my diningroom

Cozy up to warm fire with my complimentary afternoon tea

Enjoy the morning paper along with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in our parlor